Our story began 7 years ago in a small country called Slovenia. We met each other halfway between our home towns, in capital Ljubljana, both studying on the Faculty Of Design, and we fell in love instantly. After a few years of making documentaries, short ads and promo videos, we decided to start a new chapter in our lives and moved to Canary Islands. We didn't have any big plans. After a year living on Gran Canaria, we've made a new brand called - Yes Films. It's a brand for unique, cinematic and documentaristic wedding films. We strive to make every video special and one of a kind - full of cinematic music and sounds from the nature, inspiring natural shoots and personal narration.

Our work already took us to many special places all over the world. We met a lot of amazing people and made new friends. It's not just about filming, it's about making a story.

We both found ourselves in the same business and fell for it the same way we fell for each other.
I’m a simple girl from Slovenia and I love making new friends and discover new places. I started with videography a long time ago, in my childhood. This passion became a big part of my life so I made a career out of it. In my free time I like to try cooking something new. I am in love with ocean cities, clear blue water and animals.

Cats, ocean, sun, good wine and good food, time with friends and family, traveling, Quentin Tarantino.

I was born and raised in a small village in the heart of Slovenia, now I'm living on Canary Islands with my girlfriend. I've found the meaning of life in waves and making good stories. I'm always in for trying something crazy and finding undiscovered places. The biggest joy for me is to hit some jumps on my bike, skis or surfboard - which I made myself!

Riding his bikes, shredding on snow and water, being creative, listening to good music, travel all around, trying new things, mountains, Canary Islands, ocean.